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Windows PowerShell: Now Part of Windows Server 2008 Beta 3
Selasa, 24 Juli 2007
Microsoft Windows PowerShell is a new command-line shell and scripting language that helps IT professionals achieve greater productivity and control system administration more easily. Windows PowerShell does not require you to migrate your existing

Scenarios for Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell includes new command-line tools that allow you to efficiently complete server administration tasks that are common across all Windows Server 2008 roles, such as services, processes, and storage. Windows PowerShell also allows you to manage specific Windows Server 2008 roles, such as Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 and Terminal Server, as well as Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Operations Manager 2007. Also, a number of partners have provided Windows PowerShell commands that improve network management and provide rich charting and gauge capabilities.

Managing command-line services, processes, registry, and WMI data

Common as-needed server administration tasks, such as identifying running services or processes, viewing the registry, and reading and changing settings stored in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), are easier than ever with the built-in command-line tools (cmdlets) get-service, get-process, get-wmiobject, and the registry provider for Windows PowerShell. Don’t forget about the power of the wildcard, such as “get-services *”.

Terminal Server management

Because Terminal Server stores a wealth of data in WMI, administrators can automate Terminal Server configuration changes by means of Windows PowerShell scripts, and examine configuration similarities and differences across a Terminal Server farm. See the numerous script examples in the TechNet ScriptCenter.

Deploying and configuring Internet Information Services 7.0

Windows PowerShell is ideally suited to managing IIS 7.0, including deploying and configuring IIS 7 across a Web farm. Learn more at and Channel 9. Submit an IIS script as part of the Windows PowerShell Script Contest and have a chance to win an Xbox or a trip to the Microsoft Redmond Campus.

Windows PowerShell features:

More than 130 command-line tools (called cmdlets) for performing common system administration tasks, such as managing the registry, services, processes, event logs, certificates, and WMI.
Scripting language that accelerates automation of bulk or repetitive system administration tasks because of its integration with the command-line shell and task-focused design.
Support for existing scripts, existing command-line tools, and multiple operating systems, including Windows Server 2008.
Commands that follow standard naming conventions and work with a small set of intuitive utilities (where, select, sort, format, measure, compare, group) in order to provide consistency and improve efficiency.
Standard, uniform utilities for accessing the full range of Windows data access technologies, including Active Directory (ADSI) data, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Component Object Model (COM) objects, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), HTML, and XML data.
Simplified, command-based navigation of the operating system that lets users navigate the registry, certificate store, and other data by using the same commands they use to navigate the file system.
New logging and error-handling capabilities allow script execution tracking and graceful error handling.
Simple access to objects and system administration data, and the ability to pipe objects between command-line tools.

Extensible interface that allows independent software vendors and enterprise developers to quickly build custom tools and utilities to administer applications running Windows Server 2008.
posted by @dhe @ 17.41  
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